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Elected to serve for a year at the Society's Annual General Meeting in January, the 10 members of the FMS Committee

(consisting of 4 officers and 6 general members) are responsible for decision making, administration, bookings,

licensing, finance, publicity, marketing, child protection, fund raising, and the odd knees up.

Alessandra Bushnell


Jonathan Redwood


Marina Voak


Stuart Frank


Hannah Edwins

(Committee Member)

Nick Scovell

(Committee Member)

Natalie Cleave

(Committee Member)

Joanne Smart

(Committee Member)

Roger Trencher

(Business Manager)

Sean Ridley

(Committee Member)

Former Officers of the Society


Betty Richards (1984–1986)

Nigel Duffin (1987)

Betty Richards (1988–1990)

Richard Lower (1990–1992)

Alan Weaver (1992–1993)

Tony Henson (1993–1994)

Mark Tench (1995)

Alan Backhouse (1995–2005)

Graeme Clements (2006–2016)

Christine Duffin (2016–2017)

Jonathan Redwood (2017–)


Diana Carpenter (198x–1991)

Betty Richards (1991–1992)

Kerry Cleave (1992–1993)

Betty Richards (1993–1994)

Rosemary Duffin (1994–1996)

Christine Rattray (1996–2000)

Lindsay Powell (2000–2003)

Christine Duffin (2003–2010)

Jennie Sharland (2010–2014)

Karen Redwood (2014–2016)

Roger Trencher (2016–2017)

Christine Duffin (2017–2022)

Alessandra Bushnell (2022–)

Business Manager

Robert Proctor (1984–198x)

John Clements (198x–198x)

Nigel Duffin (198x–1989)

Steve Stonehouse (1989–1992)

Nigel Duffin (1992–1993)

Gavin Smith (1993–1994)

Jonathan Redwood (1994–1995)

Alan Weaver (1995–1996)

Nigel Duffin (1996–2022)

Roger Trencher (2022–)


Vic Richards (1984–198x)

Sue Kavanagh (198x–198x)

Yvonne Martin (198x–1990)

Beverly Lees (1990–1991)

Pam Martin (1991–199x)

Pam Cook (199x–1995)

Claire Mitchell (1995–1999)

Marina Voak (1999–20xx)

Jane Clements (20xx–2017)

Marina Voak (2017–)

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