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Find out more about our forthcoming shows below, a varied programme with something for everyone.

Tickets are on sale now.


"Murder is my business."

A double bill of two one act plays, featuring the famous Belgian detective.

In The Wasps' Nest, Hercule Poirot comes between a bitter triangle of lovers to prevent a sinister murder before it takes place.  


In Yellow Iris, a distressed phone call from a mystery woman brings Hercule Poirot to the restaurant of the Jardin des Cygnes, where a man commemorates the four-year anniversary of his wife’s sudden death – a death under very suspicious circumstances. Gathered together is everyone present on that fateful night, and now Poirot must find the killer in their midst, before they strike again. 

Nick Scovell was nominated Best Actor for his 2019 performance as Hercule Poirot in Black Coffee at Ferneham Hall.


"Doin' the Lambeth Walk - Oy!"

Bill Snibson, a Lambeth costermonger, is revealed to be the new Earl of Hareford and his newly-discovered aristocratic relations are horrified! 


Bringing him to Hareford Hall, they attempt to educate Bill into the ways of the gentry and to separate him from his cockney girlfriend Sally. The result? Chaos of the most comical kind!


With a host of hilarious characters, witty one-liners and several toe-tapping, uplifting songs (including the famous Lambeth Walk, The Sun Has Got His Hat On and Leaning On A Lamp Post) Me and My Girl is a sublime and sunny treat for all fans of musical comedy!


After the success of our 2022 comedy Fiddlers Three, FMS present this hilarious spoof of Agatha Christie.


At Bagshot Manor are an assembled cast of colourful and suspicious characters guaranteed to delight and amuse. There’s the lady of the manor, a dogsbody niece, an incompetent butler, a crusty Colonel, a waspish wife, a flamboyant French painter, the highest of high society debutantes, the elderly village spinster who leaves corpses in her wake - and that’s before the local constable and his bumbling inspector arrive - and all of them caught up in the side-splitting antics following a sudden and mysterious death. 


It soon becomes clear that the murderer isn’t finished yet, but will the killer be unmasked amid the chaos before everyone else meets their doom, or will audiences die laughing first?

A Poirot Double Bill

Date: Thu 23rd-Sat 25th Mar 2023

Time: 7.30pm (+ 2.30pm Sat mat)

Tickets: £13

Me and My Girl

Date: Wed 19th-Sat 22nd Apr 2023

Time: 7.30pm (+ 2.30pm Sat mat)

Tickets: £16


Date: Thu 18th-Sat 20th May 2023

Time: 7.30pm (+ 2.30pm Sat mat)

Tickets: £13

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