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All Change!

Hello and welcome to a brand-new look for the FMS website. As you can see, we've had the renovators in to make the site easier and more fun to use. Hopefully, things should also now be a bit easier to read for those of us on the go. Apparently, mobile telephones are now capable of receiving and displaying pages from the web; who knew?

After a busy autumn, with three shows in Ferneham Hall, not to mention an FMS Youth Theatre production in October, we are now busy planning our programme for 2018. Full details of some of these can be found in various handy places around the site, and the rest will be posted here as soon as we cross all the i's and dot all the t's with the rights holders.

Please do give us your thoughts on our new look site, together with any additional features you might like to see. Feel free to drop us a line, or indeed to grab me or any other member of the committee if you see us at Ferneham Hall; we love to be grabbed!

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